Pungo Ridge Winery





  1665 Princess Anne Road ,Virginia Beach ,VA 23456 - In Pungo


           Closed -

    We're SOLD-OUT

     WE will re-open Early JUNE 2017




                                Tasting fee -        $5.00

                                Glass of wine -     $7.00

                         Souvenir wine glass - $ 7.00 



    Must Be 21 years of age - proof of identification required .



                      Winery Tours - Free with Wine Purchase.

                                      ( Upon Availability )

          Our wines are available only at our winery .
        Max purchase  - 4 bottles per flavor


         Plum , Strawberry & Chocolate Blueberry

                  2 bottles per flavor please .

        Wines are made from 100% Pungo fruit . All flavors subject

                   to availability  - prices subject to change.




Blackberry Wine -     Bronze Medal , Finger Lakes International Wine Competition   
Blackberry Wine  -  SOLD OUT               

This wine is crisp and lightly sweet. Pungo Blackberry Wine
 is sure to romance the palate nicely with complexity and gentle
 notes of Violet and blackberries , nicely balanced with an elegant finish.
 We serve it  slightly chilled . A classic country wine fermented by
 traditional methods , this wine is crisp and lightly sweet .Made from blackberries grown on Pungo Ridge .

Pear Wine -  Lightly sweet
750 ML bottle  - SOLD OUT                                                          

Made from pears grown on Pungo Ridge Farm.
A very delicate light wine fermented in stainless steel to retain
the fruitiness . Lightly sweet just like a pear ; this wine is made in limited quantities . Pears well with any seafood .
  That's my Great Grandfather on the Label .
Strawberry Wine -  Sweet   - SOLD OUT                  
750 ML bottle      

Made from 100% Pungo grown strawberries , this wine is lightly sweet and full of the aroma of fresh strawberries . Served
chilled - pairs very well with any shortcake especially
Blueberry Wine            
750 ML bottle -  $24  - SOLD OUT                                                           

Pungo Blueberry Wine is a semi-dry wine , This wine is like a Merlot in camouflage as it takes on a red grape
profile . Pairs well with beef , pork , or lamb chops. Served chilled .... or not .
Blueberry-Honey Wine -   SOLD OUT  
375 ML bottle - $20                              

This wine is made from 70% fermented honey blended with 30% blueberry wine . The Honey is from our own honeybees and  blueberries grown in Pungo.
This wine is very smooth and delicate and is fermented in stainless steel and aged for over a year. 

Mint Honey Wine -  lightly Sweet  -                     
375 ML - $20                        SOLD OUT


Mint Honey Wine  - Made from our own honeybees and flavored with organic mint leaves . We use RAW , unfiltered  wildflower honey; no Sue- Bee here .... this is the real stuff  . A very delicate white wine , also known as Mint Mead.  No prescription needed.  Pairs well with close friends . Aged for over 1 year.

APPLE Wine -       750ml  -  $24     SOLD OUT         
Our Apple wine is another micro batch usually available every other year. Flavored with a hint of cinnamon this wine is semi-sweet.
MUSCADINE  Wine       $24         SOLD OUT         
Made from red and Black Muscadine grapes , this is our only wine made from grapes . Fermented by traditional southern methods . Muscadine wine is our sweetest wine
Plum Wine -       $29   SOLD OUT
Plum wine is a white / blush wine we make from 5 different types of plums , this wine is lightly sweet .
very smooth.
Pumpkin Wine - SOLD OUT
Made from PUNGO Pumpkins , this wine is sweet with hints of cinnamon  and nut-mage  perfect for fall .
Tomato Wine  -  Available Autumn 2017   $24
Tomato wine is a sweet wine than ends up tasting like a Sherry , it has a light golden color and is made from fresh Pungo Tomatoes  and is available  in small batches , in the Autumn .
Chocolate Blueberry - Made from  Pungo blueberries fermented with natural cocoa - lightly sweet.

Available Late July 2016

Clove Mead  - 375ml  - $20.00
           SOLD OUT

Made from Fermented Wildflower Honey produced by our own honey bees  and aged on clover - smooth & semi-dry.

Available late July 2016