Pungo Ridge Winery





  1665 Princess Anne Road ,Virginia Beach ,VA 23456 - In Pungo



              Autumn Hours Of Operation :



                 Friday - By Appointment


                     Saturday &  Sunday

                      12noon til about 4:00



                                Tasting fee -        $5.00

                                Glass of wine -     $7.00

                         Souvenir wine glass - $ 7.00 



    Must Be 21 years of age - proof of identification required .



                      Winery Tours - Free with Wine Purchase.

                                      ( Upon Availability )

          Our wines are available only at our winery .
        Max purchase  - 4 bottles per flavor  



Blackberry Wine -     Bronze Medal , Finger Lakes International Wine Competition   
Blackberry Wine         750ml           $22.00
                 3   cases left as of Oct10th

This wine is crisp and lightly sweet. Pungo Blackberry Wine
 is sure to romance the palate nicely with complexity and gentle
 notes of Violet and blackberries , nicely balanced with an elegant finish.
 We serve it  slightly chilled . A classic country wine fermented by
 traditional methods , this wine is crisp and lightly sweet .Made from blackberries grown on Pungo Ridge .

Pear Wine -  Lightly sweet
750 ML bottle                        $21.00                                          

Made from pears grown on Pungo Ridge Farm.
A very delicate light wine fermented in stainless steel to retain
the fruitiness . Lightly sweet just like a pear ; this wine is made in limited quantities . Pears well with any seafood .
  That's my Great Grandfather on the Label .
Strawberry Wine -  Sweet  - Sold Out
750 ML bottle                     $24.00                                                     

Made from 100% Pungo grown strawberries , this wine is lightly sweet and full of the aroma of fresh strawberries . Served
chilled - pairs very well with any shortcake especially
Blueberry Wine            
750 ML bottle                      $24.00                                               

Pungo Blueberry Wine is a semi-dry wine , This wine is like a Merlot in camouflage as it takes on a red grape
profile . Pairs well with beef , pork , or lamb chops. Served chilled .... or not .
Blueberry-Honey Wine -  -4 Cases Left (10/10/15) 
375 ML bottle         $20.00                           

This wine is made from 70% fermented honey blended with 30% blueberry wine . The Honey is from our own honeybees and  blueberries grown in Pungo.
This wine is very smooth and delicate and is fermented in stainless steel and aged for over a year. 

Mint Honey Wine -  lightly Sweet   SOLD OUT
375 ML                                  $20.00


Mint Honey Wine  - Made from our own honeybees and flavored with organic mint leaves . We use RAW , unfiltered  wildflower honey; no Sue- Bee here .... this is the real stuff  . A very delicate white wine , also known as Mint Mead.  No prescription needed.  Pairs well with close friends . Aged for over 1 year.

APPLE Wine    SOLD OUT    (History)        
Our Apple wine is another micro batch usually available every other year. Flavored with a hint of cinnamon this wine is semi-sweet.
MUSCADINE  Wine          SOLD OUT           
Made from red and Black Muscadine grapes , this is our only wine made from grapes . Fermented by traditional southern methods . Muscadine wine is our sweetest wine
Plum Wine     -    Sold OUT
Plum wine is a white / blush wine we make from 5 different types of plums , this wine is lightly sweet .
Pumpkin Wine - Available   Autumn 2016
Made from PUNGO Pumpkins , this wine is sweet with hints of cinnamon  and nut-mage  perfect for fall .
Tomato Wine  -  Available Autumn 2016
Tomato wine is a sweet wine than ends up tasting like a Sherry , it has a light golden color and is made from fresh Pungo Tomatoes  and is available  in small batches , in the Autumn .
CHOCOLATE-BLUEBERRY WINE -  Available late Summer 2016
Chocolate Blueberry - Made from  Pungo blueberries and Chocolate from Peru -